the bells and whistles

Always adding, always improving

We are always adding onto the Sipharmony platform. If we don't have it, we will make it. 100% guaranteed.

Enterprise Grade Switches

Our PBX servers are not virtualized. There are all on bare metal racks and linked into a 10 GIGABIT network. We take this serious

Failover for days

We have failovers for failovers for failovers. K8s and load balancing. We deploy Chaos Testing and constantly unit testing the backend. If it fails, we fail.

Small list of popular features

Get started instantly not days.

Ring Groups

Ring a group of extensions. All, sequential, or in a specific order

IVR Menus

Greet your callers with custom IVR menus and AI text to speech

Text to Speech AI

Create unlimited amount of text to speech recordings using AI

Voicemail Transcriptions

Transcribe your voicemails and send them to your email

Contact Storage

Unlimited storage space for all your contacts. It's a mini CRM!

SMS Marketing

Make SMS market easy to setup and deploy. Not a pain!


Chat with your customers or friends using our Messaging Center

Call Queues

Call center style call queues. With wait time and positional AI

Sipharmony offers so many features, it would simple take too much room to list all of the. Sign up is free and easy to do. Just sign up and see what we offer!

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integrations for all

Integrations for everyone, not for some.

If we don't have an integration, we'll make it!

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White Glove Service

Are you looking for a VoIP provider that you can just send an email to about changes to your phone system? Great! We offer complementary White Glove Service! Just shoot an email, open a ticket, or yell at us on Discord ­čśü

Online Documentation!

We are constantly updating our Docusaurus. From how to use Sipharmony to using our API, our documentation has it all!


Our pricing plans

Why make it complicated? You either use a ton of minutes, or you don't! With Sipharmony, you have the freedom to choose your own plan that fits your needs.


Pay As You Go

Pay only for what you use, no monthly fees.
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Unlimited calling and messaging.
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*No credit card needed. All new accounts will enter a 'not-validated' status. Validation normally takes between 5mins to 1 business day!

Join us on discord!

Pre-sale, technical support, games, chatting.. whatever it is, we're here to keep you company! We even use mee6 for tickets and our Sipharmony Coin Currency!

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