People first

We're not your typical VoIP provider

Refueling our private jets (we don't have any 😆) isn't our first priority

Everything in-house

While offshore resources sound great, often times they are not. It's tough to lead off shore resources and it's tough to make them care about what you care about (trust us).

At Sipharmony, everything is in-house. Or core and system is 100% proprietary and it's the main reason why we can change or modify anything to suit your needs!

regular people

No CEO's here

Our customers love that they deal with normal, average day people. We're not a large conglomerate backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from multiple investors. We're just a group of people, that wanted to make a difference.

At heart, we are just a bunch of Sr Software Engineers that came from large VoIP companies and want to make a difference. Most of us met on Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14!

Custom PBX software
No investors to tell us what to do!
We listen to you, not a board of trustees
No other VoIP company uses Discord as their support!
independent & determined

Investors destroy innovation

You won't have to worry about public IPO's or investors forcing us to raising prices. We are, and will always stay, a private company

White Glove Service

Are you looking for a VoIP provider that you can just send an email to about changes to your phone system? Great! We offer complementary White Glove Service! Just shoot an email, open a ticket, or yell at us on Discord 😁

Join us on discord!

Pre-sale, technical support, games, chatting.. whatever it is, we're here to keep you company! We even use mee6 for tickets and our Sipharmony Coin Currency!

Join our discord server!